21, Software Engineering/Hacking, Motorsport, Cars and Anxiety.

Those are probably the 4 words describing me the best.
I started tinkering with computers at the age of 9 and never stopped since then. My main interests are frontend development, but more and more a lot of low level stuff has been growing on me. But i mostly do Javascript & Go professionally, private i do everything but mostly: c and c++, including the other two(yes i also do them a lot in my free time). I did a lot of Java/Kotlin until 2019.
I am a supporter of the free software movement, albeit im not working entirely on free systems, mostly because i am forced to by work or it would mean losing unreplaceable advantages like communication with fellows(i.e discord as example). All my Projects are licensed under the GPL 2.0 if possible in any way, see the projects or Github.
Further i consider myself a car enthusiast and actively follow some motorsport series but most notable F1 & Indycar. I own a BMW F30 330ix.
Lastly i have and do suffer from some if(at the moment non severe) mental issues(mostly hypochondria and depression), should you be interested, contact me.

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Projects and places i work at/on

A platform for anime & manga Art

This project is not free software as its within a partnership but it does not track any data, should it be possible it will be made free software.

League Profile

A recreation of parts of the Profile frontend for the game League of legends.

Something i mostly did to compare performance of react versus what Riot games are using.


A very lightweight JSON visualiser.

A very simple JSON viewer which can display and edit json


Prototype Skript parser/runtime.

A new attempt at a skript parser in C++ 14.

A website containing everything about the League of legends Champion Xayah.

Not on github but free software, contact me for source.


Fully tooled Editor Providing IDE like features for Skript

I do not actively develop this anymore, but notheless its one of my biggest projects.
Note that there are a lot more smaller projects on my Github



Watch & browse the web, together

Online multiplayer browser, cool tech and a cool young team, started there in 2021



Biggest Discord anime community of the world

I work for them as my project is a part of the Project.


Your personal gaming coach

I started working there in 2018 and helped release this amazing product, even though sadly its closed source and propriatery i would not want to miss it.

VW/Audi group

Big car companies :)

Work on dealer software for car retail through a third party company providing the software.


Tea or Coffee?

I would argue i have a coffee addiction so thats a clear win for coffee.

Best OS?

Due to work i spent time on all 3 major Operating systems, but my go to and when not working, is my arch with sway(wayland i3) setup. GNU/linux is just superior.


I use a HHKB Professional HYBRID Type S, i actually have multiple of these but i love them, they are really really great for coding due to switches/CTRL keys layout.


I use Emacs with the nord theme for 99% of my work, i do a lot of other things in emacs too, the only execption is when navigating and *reading* big codebases i may use visual studio code Sublime text 4, which has the advantage of being a lot faster then Visual Studio code.


In a lot of cases using big libraries or framework will lead to unwanted high amounts of abstraction and take control, for very big website projects i will make use of the React Framework, otherwise i will try to do everything with the provided stdlib of the language or use minimal libraries if unavoidable.

Why that avatar?

In the development area people with manga/anime style avatars are often approached with untruth assumptions, fact is i am non different then anyone else besides that i can identify with this avatar and want it to present me.